Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Garden Plans

I did my garden planning in December and ordered seeds in December and January, but I got so absorbed in it that I forgot to blog about it-- horrors!  So let's remedy that and get into the fun of the garden!  Here's what I'm planting this year.  I keep a Google sheets spreadsheet that I update annually so I can remember what I grew and change it up to try new things.

Items in yellow need to be started inside and then transplanted.  I've included the source I used for the seed where I had to buy seeds this year.  Seeds without a source are left over from a previous year or two.

I use the square foot gardening method, so while I grow a lot of things, I don't grow a lot of each thing.   Every year things end up shifting-- I'll grow something I didn't plan to grow because I saw a seedling I liked in the store, or someone will give me new seeds that I want to try.  Things end up in different spaces than planned.  It's a loose headlong fall into chaos as the season goes by, but we have fun and vegetables, so it's all good.

Beans, BushCapitano yellow romaGold Rush? (Botanical Int)
Beans, Pole (fresh)Red Noodle
Beans, Pole (dry)Hidatsa ShieldTiger EyeTrue Cranberry(3 sisters style)
BeetsChioggaBoldor yellow
Bok ChoiFortune tiny
CarrotsKuroda (KitchenGarden)
Chardpeppermint stick
CornPainted Mountain
CosmosSensation mix
EggplantJapanese white (rareseeds )Listada di Gandia (Kitchen Garden, rareseeds)Ao Daimaru (Kitazawa or ebay)Ping Tung Long (rareseeds)
Flowers Miscshirley poppies in the alyssum bed? clarkia?spider flower cleome (kitchen)
LettuceForellenschlussBatavian Nevada? mesclun mix sprout?
MelonsGinkaku (Kitazawa)?Tigger Asian? (Kitchen, rareseeds)
PeasTaichung (Kitazawa) ?Super Sugar Snap? (Kitchen Garden)
PeppersYellow Bell (buy seedling)Jimmy Nardello (buy seedling)Corni di Toro yellow (rareseed)Corni di Toro red (rareseed)Alma paprika (rareseed)
SoybeansEnvy (rareseeds)
Squash SummerRomanesco / Medbennings green pattypan blue pot (rareseeds)
Squash WinterNaguri Kabocha (small, compact vines)futsu or chiringamen Honey Nut mini trellised? (Kitchen)honeyboat delicata (rareseeds)
TomatoesAunt Ruby's German GreenHawaiian PineappleChoc CherrySpeckled Roman Plum(all botanical interests)
TurnipsGolden Globe yellowjapanese ping pong white


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