Saturday, August 06, 2005

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

I've been keeping garden pages hither, thither, and yon, and will henceforth put there here, in one place, going forward. Watch for archive content, though it will be mostly pictures and little rants.

My garden philosophy is to try to grow things that are too fragile, expensive, or hard to find in stores. I love to try heirloom varieties, and save seeds when I can. A good example of this is yellow wax beans. A New England favorite, they show up for only 2 - 4 weeks in stores out here, and usually cost $2.99 - 3.99 a pound. That's a bit spendy! Why not grow my own? And I've now picked several pints of them, and had lovely 'squeaky beans' with dinner, all for the cost of a single packet of seed. I also grow my own sugar peas for the same reason. I don't grow English peas, eg the kind one takes out of the pod, because I can get excellent quality frozen ones cheaply, and I have limited space here.

I live in a the 'by the Bay' zone 9a climate, with cool nights, scorching days, and a moderate to strong afternoon breeze most days. Are you a Bay Area gardener? What's your microclimate? I'd be happy to link to other Bay Area gardeners' blogs or web pages.

I've been doing some videoblogging of 3 - 5 minute How-To's in my garden, and will post links here as soon as I figure out exactly how to get them up here the way I want. I've seen sites where the still picture of the video, as a thumbnail, links to the actual video, and some where the fullsize video sits there and then plays in-place on the page. I have a bunch of video uploaded to my site, and now I need to get it linked in here!


Blogger Mary Kay Chicoine said...

I just came across your blog and see many ideas I can use.

I am redoing my Newark, CA back yard gardens and have started a blog to document the progress I am making. We are also in USDA zone 8b. My blog is:

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