Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let There Be Chip (and Lilies)

A week of no rain has resulted in the side garden being dry enough to lay down weedblock and chip, and lo, the Sunnyvale SMaRT Center finally had chip-- we've arrived too late to get any in past weekends. For good measure, we conducted a huge cilantro harvest and levelled out Cilantro Hill, the mounded topsoil from levelling the side bed area. Another 3x3 foot bed was set up, paths were laid out and chipped, and suddenly the side garden looks like a GARDEN instead of a construction zone. Huzzah!
Siloam David Kirchoff
Mike mixed a couple of barrow-loads of potting soil for me- two parts store-bought potting soil, two parts compost, one part each vermiculite and perlite. I had received some daylilies ordered via eBay on Thursday, and they really needed planting! I think the folks might have given me some bonus plants, or perhaps I just wasn't counting. I filled two long shallow planters and one large square planter, and still needed to tuck a few daylily crowns into garden beds here and there. Yeep. They are looking somewhat draggly, as paper-wrapped mailed plants sometimes do, but I am hoping they'll perk up by tomorrow.
Olallie Lime
What did I get? Too darn many daylilies, but I hope to have them for years, and I chose colors that I like, that go well with each other, and that go well with other flowers I like to grow. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The lilies were packed very well and carefully, roots were clean (no mold, rot, etc), and bundled into tag-labelled groups. Of course, I immediately got the tags MIXED UP, so I finally just planted willy-nilly and tossed the tags. I know, I know.
Siloam Ribbon Candy

Paper Butterfly
[Photos by excellent daylily seller nrb44 via eBay. Top to bottom: Siloam David Kirchoff, Olallie Lime, Siloam Ribbon Candy, Paper Butterfly.]


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