Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hanging Garden of Sunnyvale

Some vining cultivars, such as melons, require additional support for their bounty, a tie or a hammock so that the produce does not pull off the stem. Squashes most notably don't, automatically scaling the thickness of the stem to the size of the squash. That said, without a good foundation to which the vines can attach, the weight of a big squash or pumpkin can pull the plant down, damaging or in some cases even snapping the stem and cutting its own development short of full maturity.

Let's see this in action, with a quick peek at a banana squash hiding in the vegetation along the fence.

QuickTime Movie, 640x480 fine, 185 Mb

All movies were shot with a Sony DSCP200, in 640x480 'fine' resolution mode. I'm hoping that they can be embedded in a smaller size, as above-- but do try resizing them if you're playing them. This is an experiment in progress: so new to videoblogging that the packaging tape is still on me! When I try to embed the movie, it hangs Safari (joy); am experimenting with a technique I've seen called a 'poster movie', eg a 1 frame quicktime embed that is a link to the full movie.


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