Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Creating a Seed Swapping Match Application

Here's where my other bloglife intersects with this one. I'm just starting to build SeedMatcher, a seed saving and swapping application based on the new Ning web application playground.

Here's the description that was too long for a simple app tag description: Facilitate swapping of heirloom vegetable and flower seeds. Use tagging to match varietals, climate zones, and other factors. Support labelling seed batches (eg custom seed packets), linking to garden journals, photos of how specific seed batches grew, recording germination trials, etc.

In other news, I painstakingly cleaned and spread out the seeds from the kabocha we cooked for Rosh Hashanah last night. It was labelled as an "Ebisi-Delicata hybrid", though it certainly looked quite blandly kabocha. The flavor is superb, though, and it has the heavy, yam-like flesh of an Ebisi type squash. I've got maybe a half-cup or more of seed, now mostly dried, and I have a germination test going in a damp paper towel between two saucers. Got my fingers crossed. The offspring of F1 hybrids can take after either parent, or be the worst of both, but these squashes are such winners that I just have to try.


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