Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mystery Moth

When I saw this moth, I thought of hawk moths, and found the What's That Bug? pages whilelooking for images of them. Nope, some similarities, but nobody quite like this guy (or gal). I saw a couple of them today, and haven't seen them before AT ALL. However, we recently (cough) said enough is enough and set out self-contained ant baits, because we had ants in ANY flower, so I think we've not been on anybody's pollination route. We're seeing bees and maybe some clearwing moths too now.

The moth makes a definite flutter, a thwfffflflflfl sound which is almost on the verge of being a buzz. Didn't see it doing any hovering, a la the hummingbird moths (wow, they are cool, didn't know about them!). That's a cornflower that the moth is on, about 1.5 inches across, so that gives you an idea of the moth's size.

Really pretty little moth! Catches the eye in the garden. I hope it's not up to something nefarious. ;-)


Blogger Angela said...

Looks like a type of Skipper


UC IPM says the larval form of the Fiery Skipper (Hylephila phyleus) can be a lawn pest for certain grass types.


I get lots of skippers in my garden (near Sacramento). They seem to be good pollinators. There are different types of skippers so a good california bug book might help you i.d. it better.

4:39 PM PST  

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