Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pictures! We promised Pictures!

It's nicely overcast, which means I can take some snapshots of all that work we were doing yesterday in the garden! Voila, the barren wasteland that *was* going to be our greenhouse is now a gardenscape. We're going to put the greenhouse behind the patio instead, as the sun patterns are better there: the side garden location depicted would blast the greenhouse with too much sun in the summer, and not enough in the winter. And it's visible from the street, which irks park management. So now only a pretty gardenscape will be visible to the neighbors and passers-by, and the greenhouse will be a couple of steps off the back porch, which encourages management of it in bad weather.

I decided to go for mixed flower and veggie beds, as I wanted a garden I could sit out in, and that would be pleasant to view. I also love bringing flowers indoors, and wanted some things that would be good for cut flowers. I'll be planting zinnias, cosmos, cornflowers, etc to that end later as well. In the close-up, we see lobelia next to an Amish Paste tomato, then a couple of anchor perennials-- a pink-flowered yarrow (currently only a tiny fern-like clump) and a tall fragrant dianthus; at the far right there's a clump of french lavender. Along the border are alyssum and viola, with fragrant stock next, then Wonderland Mix poppies. Next row from the poppies are some Genovese Basil seedlings, and then a triad of Yolo Wonder peppers are caged.

Finally, since this is Weekend Herb Blogging, here's the new little permanent herb bed I created in the side garden. Clockwise from noon we have variegated sage, variegated oregano, lemon thyme, 'spicy' oregano (and it is: don't let that cute fuzzy look fool ya!), sweet marjoram. I wasn't sure what to put in the middle, so I popped a couple of dwarf snapdragons in there for color.

The garden is finally starting to shape up, hurrah!


Blogger Kalyn said...

I think your garden looks fabulous. The combination of a very rainy spring (lots of weeds) and traveling has left me in garden hell here. But I am working on it.

12:58 PM PDT  
Blogger Strata said...

Thanks so much!

9:53 PM PDT  
Blogger CoastalCAGardener said...

Only one word:
Looks great!

4:20 PM PDT  
Blogger Strata said...

Thanks kindly!

I'll join the "bare-all gardening" thread belatedly soon and post pix of my gone-to-flower broccoli and snail lacework cabbage, so folks won't get ideas about this being Perfection Acres or something. :-)

11:02 AM PDT  

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