Sunday, May 14, 2006

May Garden Update

I've been on vacation, and catching up with work, and taking TOO MANY pictures. So here's garden set showing the changes since last time. It's astonishing what 3 weeks will do when the weather warms up! The barely 3-foot-high peas of April 24th are now the 9-foot-high peas of May 14th. Yow.

Nasturtium volunteers, 2nd or 3rd gen Jewels mix. Last year they were being a weed, this year I am encouraging them strongly to go up the trellis, and pruning those shoots that go astray. Heavy rains meant lots fewer ants this year, so cleaning nasturtium blossoms for salad has been easier, yay. Thinking of pulling some buds for pickled pseudo-capers this year.

The greenhouse is working out wonderfully, and I'm reminded that I'm once again putting out squash seedlings long before it's really warm enough for them. Next year I have to remember to put my squashes in large pots in the greenhouse and let them get well established before transplanting. The tiny squash seedlings outside have fared vastly less well than their greenhouse counterparts, with most adding only a few true leaves. Look at what the kabochas in the greenhouse are doing in comparison! Live and learn, this gardening stuff is complicated!


Blogger Christine said...

Been eagerly awaiting your update. It was worth the wait! Thanks. Hope your vacation was enjoyable. I'm a gardener in Elk Grove, CA and a would-be-blogger -- if I spent less time lurking at everyone else's blog!

7:41 PM PDT  
Blogger Hanna said...

Wow, your Nasturtium look awesome. Mine never look that good. The aphids seem to like them too much.

8:03 AM PDT  

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