Thursday, June 07, 2007

Harvest Snapshot: June 7th

Greens from Violetta cauliflower. Never got heads from the Violetta, that hot spell in March/April really confused them, and I planted in spring rather than fall. Ah well, next year. A couple of spring potatos, Russets that naturalized and pop up in various places after we couldn't bear to toss a few bought ones that went bad. Plus a late chiogga beet or two!

In the colander, a spring or two of cinnamon basil, some strawberries, more zucchini, yellow wax beans, Purple Queen bush beans, some thyme, a couple of early Monte's Italian heirloom beans, a Trombetta climbing squash, and a couple of nasturtiums to garnish a fruit salad I'd planned on making.



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